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Network Patch Cable

Networking cable(patch cable, patch cord, patch lead, network cable, network lead, network cord, network patch cable ) is a networking device to connect computers to network  and  transfer data between computers and a network. We offer a wide range of Networking Cables in various lengths, categories and colors to meet your different networking needs.

Patch Cable Manager

Cable management (also called cable organizer, wire management, wire organizer, wire management panel, wire manager, cable manager) is easy to install or uninstall, making your network cables orderly, easy and effective. Cable managements are normally with two types, plastic ethernet cable management and metal patch cable management.

Network Patch Panel

Patch panels (patch bay, patch field, jack field, ethernet patch panel, network patch panel) are most commonly used for cable interconnections and to support the ideal network wiring configurations. Cat5 patch panels, Cat5e patch panels and Cat6 patch panels the most commonly used in the networks wiring system.

About US

Winfys Network Products Co., Ltd is China patch panel and cable management manufacturer,factory and supplier, offering network cabinet , PDU socket , network patch panels, patch cable, network cable, fiber optic patch cable, wiring blocks and cable management. Our main products include 12/24/25/36/48/50/96 ports plastic cable management, metal cable management, shielded /unshielded CAT5 network patch panels, STP /UTP CAT5E ethernet patch panels, shielded/unshielded Cat 6 patch panels, 110 voice patch panels and 50/100/200 pairs wiring blocks.We have many years of experience in the development of network products and meet buyers' customized OEM & ODM order requirements. Over the years, our products have been successfully exported to Middle East,Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, South and North America. We are committed to offer partners quality products and professional service. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.